BCERTin – Blockchain in a Box

Securely Simplify Your Business and Save Money.


$ 500


Everything needed to start accelerating your business

  • Smart Contract Templates
  • Upload your contracts
  • Includes BCERTin App
  • Includes 500 valuable regenerating tokens you own.
  • Unlimited file storage
  • File sharing
  • Instant Messaging

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$ 899

1,350 TOKENS

Bonus – 450 Free Tokens! for Limited Time!

Everything in Basic
  • App for H.R. for Employees
  • Provide App to save on other SaaS fees ($780 per person)
  • Distribute to clients to service your accounts

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$ 2,999


Bonus 2X Tokens for Limited Time!

Everything in Plus also:
  • 1 Custom Smart Contract
  • Reporting
  • 2x the tokens for asset benefit and accelerate your business (normally 3,000)

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Basic Package

Basic and Beyond is for personal and business satisfaction. If you have your own small business, the $500 basic program is a great option for you and your community. Share your program with other employees, including professional services like your attorney, tax, and financial supporters. If you have a few more employees, the Standard or Pro program is a more suitable choice for the longevity of your business.


If you have employees, and more customers then chose the Standard program. And remember, BCERT tokens are an asset that can also be rented or sold in the future!

Streamline your business, stop the follow-up merry-go-round and automate what you want to happen to trigger events as conditions are met, automatically, like providing content when a step is met, or authorizing a payment instantly once parameters have been achieved.


Take advantage of the pro program and receive 2 Custom Smart Contracts and 2x the valuable tokens, an asset you own and an asset to expand your business.

About BCERT Tokens

A BCERT Token is an asset to run your business. No longer do you have to rent SaaS software and pay employee seat fees in order to run your business. Each token has 100 nodes to preform numerous activities. Each Token has a regenerative life, so you’ll be able to use your tokens over and over again. For more complex computing power needs, “ink” is charged if more than 100 nodes are used.

Your BCERT token has value to your business and in the marketplace. BCERT tokens are held in your Token Wallet and can be purchased, rented or sold. BCERT Tokens can be traded for Bitcoin or Etherium and after the ICO launch this fall will be listed in a crypto currency exchange.

The initial offering for tokens will be set at $1.00 per token

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Pricing FAQ’s

How many tokens do I need?

For a one-person business, you could select the 100-token program in personal pricing (that’s like buying 2 cups of coffee a month), but if you have more than 30 clients and other employees, we recommend at least the “Basic” which has 500 tokens.

If you have a business with more employees or one that creates more contracts, you’ll want the Plus or Pro. Remember, every token is an asset, one that you will be able rent or sell in the future. To protect yourself from token inflation, or to hold as a possible appreciating asset, we recommend purchasing a higher level of tokens.

How do I get more tokens?

Tokens are an asset that can be used for smarter contracts, to rent or to sell in the future. We suggest getting the basic package above, which will give you 500 or more tokens (and an asset with appreciation potential). If you just want a handful, then click on “Starter” above and select a token package to add to your shopping cart.

You can add multiple token packages to your shopping cart. If you want 1,000 tokens, you can add (2) 500 token packages to your shopping cart.