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What if you could:

  • Eliminate your costs on paying for multiple seat fees on software?
  • Keep your business, your business with secure & encrypted blockchain?
  • Own and control your data vs renting, being held hostage or getting hacked?

Now Who’s the Boss?

Reduce admin busy-work and costs, get time back,rapid access to information better decisions, reduce legal disagreements, improve relationships, save money and improve the bottom-line.

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Announcing Blockchain in a Box

A Critical Transformation for Your Business

  • All-in-one SCaaS solution – bring your contracts and files alive
  • Secure immutable trust – you control everything with Private Keys
  • Save thousands – No annual license or monthly seat fees
  • Authenticate and  automate Smart documents, files & contracts
  • Collaborate and eliminate silos of communication and data

Plug your business into the blockchain now!

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Secure. Automate. Collaborate.

A complete SCaaS tool-set to catapult your business encrypted to the blockchain.

Authenticate - KYC

3-Step Authentication insures immutable trust in all transactions, contracts, file shares and communications.


Contract Vault™

All contracts, files, documents, pictures, contacts, tokens, and communications with every contract automatically connected, encrypted, hashed to the  blockchain.

Smarter Contracts

A full, dynamic smart contract suite that automates, tracks and logs every transaction – ensuring your most critical assets and procedures are complete and secure.

Unlimited File Storage

Forget paying Dropbox® fees – or losing control of your files. Protect and store all of life’s details & business files in your Contract Vault™ – privacy protected by your Private Key. 

Share Files

Share files with friends, family, team members, clients and associates. Only people with their Private Key can access what you share.  Guarantee who sees what you share.

Instant Messaging

From your smartphone or computer receive messages via private messaging, hashed to the blockchain – Collaborate in one secure place.


Multi-Step Authentication insures who you’re dealing with is who they say. Immutable identity provides trust in all transactions, contracts, file shares and communications.

Contract Vault™ Library

Access or create templates of your most valuable documents and contracts. Automate transactions and payments with lower risks and costs.

 Everything at your fingertips – never overlook any detail or deliverable.

BCERT Token Wallet

BCERT Tokens give you power over your data, transactions and costs. Hold, buy, sell and even lend tokens – you have the power of the blockchain in your control.

Smart Contracts:

A Dynamic Ecosystem

The Smarter Contract will expand your business through live collaboration and secure, trusted, authenticated execution.

Every delivery date, payment and instant message is logged in real time.

Smart Contracts become the work flow, instead of “dead” PDF documents that collect dust.

Save time, save money and catapult your business.

How it Works

Encrypted. Safe. Secure.

Stop unauthorized data uses, breaches and centralized companies using your data to run their business. BlockCerts blockchain puts the control of business back in your hands.

Blockchain Decentralized

BlockCerts spent over 1.7M development hours creating the integrated on-ramp to the Smart Contracts as a Service (SCaaS) Decentralized Blockchain ledger and platform.

BlockCerts Contract Vault™

Your BCERTin Contract Vault creates the ultimate security for your files, contracts, pictures and documents forever. Only you hold your private key.

Have piece-of-mind and quick access to your important mission-critical information. When you share anything, it can only by unlocked by who you intend to have access- through BCERT Private Key technology.

Multi-Step Authentication

Immutable Trust is created with every transaction. Each party uploads their picture, ID, or other required information – to confirm their identity. Once certified, they receive their BlockCert Authentication BEFORE they can proceed.

Always Know YOur Customer “KYC” and they will know and trust you.

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Customized Solutions By Industry

Out of the Box Smart Contract as a Service “SCaaS” Tools and Custom Solutions

You don’t have to wait to get on the chain, nor do you have to spend an arm and a leg to start using tomorrows technology today!

Rapidly configure, test, deploy and use case. Our team of experts will show you how to quickly get blockchain behind your business – so you can reap the rewards ahead of the competition.


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Integration Services Uniquely Yours

White Label. Customized Solutions. BlockCerts Inside.

  • Any APP can be BlockCert blockchain enabled
  • Any Platform can be BlockCert enabled
  • Any Development Project can be blockchain enabled

Enterprise. Government. Institution.

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Use Cases & Industry Solutions

With the BlockCerts platform and our expertise, let us help you and your team create your blockchain masterpiece.

  • Let us review your specific needs
  • We work with our developers, or provide access to our BlockCerts certified blockchain developers
  • Get BlockCerts Blockchain enabled on your project
  • Join our rapidly growing ecosystem to expand your reach
  • Review industries and use cases now

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Kabir R., Rogers Capital, CEO, Mauritius

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Deb H., CEO, EpigeneticsRX, San Diego

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“As an independent musician songwriter, having a simple affordable solution to store, and prove original authorship of my creative intellectual property is important. The advent of Blockchain and BlockCerts has made this affordable…”

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